We quite literally provide a shortcut through what can be the complex business of buying a home in Barcelona or the Costa Brava.

If you speak Spanish, know the local property market, understand the legal process in Spain and are not short of free time then possibly you don´t need help from Shortcuts. If this is not the case then Shortcuts will apply it´s skills and local knowledge to save you time and money and make your experience of buying a home here as easy, pleasant and efficient as possible.

On our first contact you can consult us on any aspect of your proposal to buy a property and, if needed, we will give you our advice on location and market conditions related to your budget and personal preferences.

Once you have decided to use Shortcuts we prepare a Search Brief for your approval.

We then circulate your brief amongst selected estate agents and begin our active search. At the same time you may want to participate and we encourage this. There are a number of good portals in the market and looking through these you may find places that interest you. All we ask is that you send us links to the properties you find potentially interesting.. We will then talk to the agents or owners and find out as much additional information as possible regarding location, time on the market, availability, price flexibility, possible problems, etc.- and report back to you.

Once we have an approved list of properties that you find interesting and you confirm dates for a visit we will draw up a viewing schedule to make the most efficient use of your available time - including time for revisits and negotiations when you find a property that you like. We will also introduce you to a bank to open a non-resident account, if you don´t already have one. Also we recommend you use a local lawyer. We can introduce you to a specialist in the property field if you wish us to do so. To purchase a property in Spain you need a NIE (which is a fiscal identity number) – depending on your nationality and circumstances this may be best applied for in your country of residence although it can be applied for here. If you need a mortgage we can introduce you to several banks that work with non -resident buyers.

We will be with you in all visits and meetings so that you will fully understand everything and have all your questions answered.

Once you have selected a property and agreed a price and conditions the first stage is to sign a private contract (contrato de arras) and pay a 10 % deposit which takes the property off the market. There is then an agreed period, which is usually 30 to 60 days, before signing the final document (escritura de compra/venta) in front of a Notary and paying the other 90 %. The agreed period allows your lawyer to check and approve all the necessary documentation.