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Pressed for time

My wife and I are based in the Middle East and very much wanted a second home in Barcelona, specifically the lovely central areas of El Born or Gracia.

My role as executive director of an investment company involves a great deal of travelling all over the world, and my wife runs her own health and beauty business. We also have two children so our time is always very much at a premium and we simply could not afford much time away to find our Spanish property. I had done some searching on the internet but trying to get hold of estate agents or information at a time that was convenient to me was proving both frustrating and time consuming. And how can you know from a website whether agents are thorough and will leave no stone unturned in order to find your dream property and work within such a limited time frame, outside regular office hours if necessary?

So when I came across Shortcuts Property Search I was delighted with their promise to save me time and streamline the property finding process.

My query was answered straight away and John Hind from Shortcuts’ Barcelona office took a detailed brief from us and went to work immediately. In fact he was able to arrange viewings of several properties that met our requirements in our chosen areas with just four day’s notice – that task alone would have taken me hours on the phone I really didn’t have to spare.

When we arrived and started viewings, we quickly determined which area was best suited to our family’s needs and focussed on that, and were thrilled when we saw a lovely apartment in a beautiful building which we both loved. What was even more satisfying was that John spoke to one of the owners of a neighbouring apartment and found that it too might be for sale. He arranged meetings with both of the owners and helped negotiate a deal allowing us to buy both apartments – we will now be able to convert the property into one which will make it one of the nicest homes in the Gracia area. We both are simply delighted with it.

So much was achieved in such a short time – doing this from a distance and in a different time zone and with such demands on our time really would have been almost impossible without Shortcuts. John was and still is always available for us and made our purchase so much easier – in fact it may not have happened at all!

He also continued to act as our facilitator, obtaining our NIE numbers, arranging contacts with lawyers and banks, and liaising with the sellers of both apartments, even making some translations – so that communication flowed and everything happened as and when it should.

We were able to get on with our hectic schedule whilst John sorted out the details – exactly as we’d hoped. And whenever we needed to speak to him – he was there.

» testimonials » Pressed for time